Our Story


IDEAYA Inc. Scholarship Foundation. (IMMIGRANTS for DEVELOPMENT and EDUCATION of AUSTIN YOUTH AID Inc.)  Estd. Nov. 2010.

IDEAYA Inc. is trying to help in a small way to pay back to the sectors of American Society whose forefathers fought for the Laws of Equality in all aspects of Society, Education, Employment, and Justice for all Non-Whites!   In this struggle for equality some African American martyrs lost their lives too!  The tenacity, unity and steadfastness of Non-Violent protest by millions of African Americans enabled the enactment of Civil Rights Act in 1964.   

Until the passage of Civil Rights Act, the gates of entrance to USA, issuances of Immigrant Visas, and Work Permit Visas were forbidden for Non-European Descents like you and me!  The enactment of the Civil Rights Act, enabled multitudes of  Non-European immigrants from all around the globe to come to US seek work, settle and raise families! 

The generations of Recent Immigrants from 1964, are still reaping benefits of The Civil Rights Act, while progeny of these African American martyrs are still struggling with financial, social, academics, unemployment, unjust, and unequal racial issues! 

 Please join us in of helping these disadvantaged population of our city.  By helping the disadvantaged youth in our in community will help not only them but also for betterment of our community!  

By not helping the financially, socially and academically disadvantaged youth’  (who may fall through cracks of the society) in attaining employable skills after High School/GED Diplomawe would be promoting ill aspects like unemployment, apathy, crime, poverty, sickness etc.  In our community, financially City and State may end up having to spend more money on providing free food, shelter, health benefits etc. This in turn will reflect on more taxation for the public.  

If we don’t take initiative and alleviate the issue of unemployment in disadvantaged youth city, our future generations (our children and grandchildren) will also be affected by it.