Scholarship Requirements

  1. Demonstrated financial need (defined by the State of Texas Poverty Guidelines)
  2. G.P.A. should be greater than 2.5
  3. Good school attendance record
  4. Good moral character
  5. Good work ethic
  6. Desire to attain employable skills
  7. Nomination by the school Guidance Counselor
  8. Residence and school attendance in the wider Austin, Texas area

The IDEAYA Inc. Scholarship is awarded on a yearly basis. The number of scholarships awarded each year varies, depending on the applicant pool.

Selection of the IDEAYA Inc. Scholarship Awardees is determined by the Board of Directors of IDEAYA Inc. in accordance with the By Laws of IDEAYA Inc.

The Guidance and Financial Aid Officers of Austin Community College assist in the placement of students.

Please visit the guidance counsellor at your school for information on how to apply for this scholarship.

Here is the hard copy application for the scholarship.

You can also use Online application