Dear Counselor 

My name is Kumari Samineni and am a board member of Immigrants for Development and Education of Austin Youth Aid (IDEAYA), a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization established in November 2010.  

IDEAYA scholarships provide high school seniors educational opportunities and gain employable vocational, technical skills after high school graduation. Our mission is to help academically, financially and socially disadvantaged youth in our community to gain employable skills.

IDEAYA is seeking applicantions from high school seniors who plan to enroll in select vocational and technical courses offered at Austin Community College (ACC) or Texas State Technical College (TSTC). IDEAYA awards annual scholarships to select students that pay tuition directly to the above institutions where the awardee gets enrolled.

 Since 2010, IDEAYA has successfully assisted and provided 25 scholarships from AISD and neighboring school districts.

Our sincere request to you is to assist in identifying students from your high school that meet our eligibity criteria. Your help and consideration would be of immense help to the youth to build their futures from the foundational education they have received at your institution.

The eligibility and Scholarship Application submission requirements can found on our website ( as the application due date for 2024-25 academic year is May 2nd 2024. 

Please reach out to me for further questions or clarifications.