The Story of Our Beginning

IDEAYA Inc is the vision of our founder, Kumari Samineni. As a substitute teacher in Paducah, Kentucky, she met quite a few students, who despite being motivated, and staying on task; were unable to attain academic excellence. These students lacked guidance and support at home due to family or social circumstances. Through her interactions with these students she realized that they were unlikely to gain any post high school education and training for success in the future.

Together with a like-minded friend, she founded the Paducah Immigrants for Education, Inc (PIE Inc.) scholarship fund to help these students attain vocational training. This initiative grew from providing two $150 scholarships in the first year (1996) to two annual award that inched up to $750 each by 2008. PIE Inc continues to be active in Paducah.

When Mrs. Samineni moved to Austin in 2008, she was motivated to continue her work towards helping and inspiring disadvantaged youth break the cycle of poverty by providing them with the opportunity for vocational training. Immigrants for Development and Education in Austin Youth Aid Inc (IDEAYA Inc.) Scholarship foundation was formed in 2010.