The vision of IDEAYA is to pay back in a small way to the sectors of American Society whose forefathers fought for the Laws of Equality in all aspects of society like Education, Employment, and Justice. The tenacity, unity and steadfastness of non-violent protest by millions of Americans enabled the enactment of Civil Rights Act in 1964. The enactment of the Civil Rights Act, enabled multitudes of immigrants from all around the globe to come to US seek work, settle and raise families. 

As recent immigrants and first generation Americans, we want to show our support for our community.  We appreciate the opportunity to live and work in a friendly, safe, and values-based community.  In return, we want to directly participate in the growth of our community. By helping financially, socially and academically disadvantaged youth, who may fall through cracks of the society, in attaining employable skills after High School/GED diploma, we would be eliminating the ill aspects like unemployment, apathy, crime, poverty, sickness etc.  

We established  a Scholarship Foundation, Immigrants for Development and Education in Austin Youth Aid Inc. (IDEAYA Inc.) to provide educational opportunities for deserving, low-income, high school graduates who are unlikely to receive the required financial support and guidance to gain viable employable skills beyond high school, or have limited employment options, and will be vulnerable to becoming part of the extralegal workforce.


The mission of IDEAYA is to provide opportunities for under-privileged, as mentioned Texas State’s Poverty Guidelines, High School graduates to continue education beyond high school, in vocational courses at Austin Community College to gain employable skills. By awarding annual scholarships to select students, the tuition for  the courses will be paid directly to the institution.